Ep. 14 Occupy: Community Rights

Record Date: 3/4/2017

Guests:Emelyn Lybarger, CELDF

Tish O’Dell Ohio Community Rights Network

Co-host: David Callihan

We the People 2.0

Advancing Rights

PACRN Statement: Conestoga Township, PA, Resident Unjustly Arrested for Speaking Truth at a Public Meeting

“Religious identification laws, as the Ordinance explains, hearken back to dark periods in history, when people of Jewish and other faiths were required to identify themselves by wearing badges and carrying special identification. The community of Barnstead passed this law to protect their people against discrimination and persecution based on religious belief.”

Press Release: Barnstead, NH, Adopts First-in-the-Nation Law Protects Against Religious Persecution, Including Religious I.D. Requirements

The System is Fixed and We Need to Break It

…people need to become highly aware of the Delphi Technique and how to defend themselves from being manipulated by it.

Tactics to Break Up a Delphi Meeting

‘Roger Fredinburg’s 3-14-2012 interview with Heather Gass of the East Bay Tea Party about how to disrupt the psychology of the Delphi Technique used by paid faciltators to control public input at meetings….

OASN Ep. 40 Occupy: Decolonize